Why a blog?

 I am starting this blog because I am on several online support groups.  It’s amazing to be supported by people who “get it”.  Yet, even with that support, so many of us feel like failures, because in this journey, we don’t see instant results.

We don’t see results that we hope for after years of doing all the right things.  We need pep talks, a half-time coach to build us up and send us out for the second half even though we’re down 21-0 in the pouring rain and our quarterback sprained his shoulder.  Ok that’s for any guys who may be reading this.  I find myself, on those online groups, saying the same things again and again.

That tells me we need to hear these things, all of us in the trenches, and so – came the creation of this blog.  I hope it helps you in some way, encourages you – if not, I hope you find something that does.

For all of you parents/caregivers/siblings out there – hang in there.  This is the longest marathon – but it is worth it. Just keep plugging in, keep searching for new tools, keep taking care of yourself – make sure you get enough sleep, eat well, get a mental rest from the chaos yourself.

If you aren’t walking this journey – move along.  This blog is not a place for you to trash people for fun.


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