Parents: Ignore the Media

It seems every other week there’s a big media blitz about some adoptive parent “giving up” their kid to foster care or “rehoming” them and then there’s a bunch of people up in arms and yelling at how horrible these parents are and how they would do things so much differently.

Parents: Ignore the media.

All media is yellow journalism.  All tv “news” is the Jerry Springer Show.  All printed news on this kind of stuff is the National Inquirer.  There is no fact checking, no objective reporting, no telling “both sides of the story”.  It’s all about making a fuss.  They could interview 100 people, and 97 people would agree with the parents, and they won’t show it or print it.  They would tell the last 3 people to be against the parents and for sure they’d be on national tv or printed in national media, and the idiots would do it whether or not it was their real opinion.

Ignore the media.  Ignore the comments of the masses.

Most of those comments are made by people just to stir up more controversy.  This is not real.  This is a stir the pot, anonymous shit.  Don’t listen.  Don’t read.  Ignore.

If people bring it up around you, and start talking like whatever was printed/shown was gospel truth, say “I saw/read that too! Right before the story of the lady who had an alien baby!” or some other smartass answer (if you’re a smartass type of person).  Unless you know this person, and want to get into a real conversation about it, don’t bother trying to teach people in the park, at the grocery store.  You don’t have the time or energy at that moment to really teach them.  Just move on.  This is not the short answer type of stuff.  It’s not your responsibility to correct all idiots in the world, either.

Just.Ignore.The.Idiocy.  You have enough on your plate.  It may seem like grinding your teeth, but it’s really not worth your stress or your time.  And in 2 days, they’ll publish something that says the opposite thing.  Just look at the articles in Huffpost I posted recently.  Well then the next few days they spent all their time posting nice and good things about adoption.  So really, it’s all about the “hits” and the “clicks” and has nothing to do with real life.

And remember, man never really walked on the moon.  It was a conspiracy and happened in a tv studio.  It must be true.  It was on the internet AND I saw it on tv.  They even interviewed someone who saw it happen.  That makes it true, right?

Relax. Ignore.  There’s nothing to see here but a bunch of monkeys chattering and throwing feces at it each other.  Keep moving on.  You’ve got a lot better things to do.

Keep it real, peeps!


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