Don’t give up on yourself, either.

So many parents, after years of being worn down, worn out, beaten up verbally and sometimes physically, losing friends, family, having to be hypervigilent to keep children safe, fighting teachers, administrators, the system…. simply have nothing left.  There’s nothing left to give, there’s nothing left to feel even one ounce of joy at the life they’ve been given.

Don’t give up on yourself.

Some parents, after being treated like dirt by their children, called names, hit, having their things destroyed, peed on, pooped on, having their world literally and figuratively destroyed, can’t muster up the nicey-nice feelings towards the children that are causing the chaos.  It’s just not there in the midst of all the abuse they are receiving.

Don’t give up on yourself.

Other parents are simply too tired to fight any longer.  They know their children need a structured place that will provide real help in a safe environment for their children so that they can learn to survive and even thrive in the real world.  But they no longer have the energy to fight what seems like an endless fight of “no one else gives a shit”.

Don’t give up on yourself.

Take a break, a long one if need be.  Take a vacation.  Take a vacation from your kid(s), your life, your job, everything, and go somewhere where you have no responsibilities for a little bit and relax.  Maybe for you that means reading a few romance novels at the beach.  Maybe that means kayaking down a lazy river, or hiking in the mountains, or just hanging out with friends and talking and laughing and watching stupid movies.  Whatever it means to you – do it.  No one can be immersed in this life or any other stressful situation 24/7 and expect to keep their sanity.  Get away from it, relax, get some “me” time.  It’s alright.  It truly is more than alright, it’s a requirement.

Don’t give up on yourself.  You’re the only one watching out for you.



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