Different does not mean bad

Every fall, parents are posting the cute school pictures of their little cuties on Facebook.  My child’s picture looks like he smelled a skunk and ate a sour apple in the same moment.  The only time we get a real smile out of him is when he’s up to something devious.  Isn’t that why they created Photoshop?

Different is not bad.

Every morning, parents around the country are reading the paper or scrolling on their smart phones while their kids eat breakfast basically unsupervised.  I have to watch my kid like a hawk so he doesn’t pour his bowl of cereal over the baby’s head or spit (or worse) in the cereal box.

Different is not bad.

I hear other moms talking about after school sports and camps their kids go to.  Our after school activities include therapists, counselors, doctors, and more therapists.

Different does not mean bad.

I see bumper stickers on mini vans that say “My kid is an honor roll student!”  I want one that says, “My kid hasn’t peed on anything inappropriate today!”

Different does not mean bad.

Different does not mean failure.

Different is just…. different.

Comparing yourself and your family situation to the general population is… well… not even on the same planet.  Your child – and now your family – have been through things, experienced things, SURVIVED things that the general population would most likely curl up into the fetal position and never come out.  You are strong. You are a survivor.  You are dealing.  You are growing.  You are making a difference.  Happy shiny school pictures – mean nothing in the long run.  Reading the morning paper – worthless in the grand scheme of life.  That bumper sticker – arrogance.  But you – and your child – live in the real world, where things are not easy, and you keep trying.  So hang in there, don’t compare your situation to theirs, because they couldn’t walk 5 minutes in your shoes without collapsing.  You. Are. Strong.

-real mom

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