Rock that boat, baby

This is an opinion. IMHO. Ok?

Child Services or whatever the name it is called in your state is completely and absolutely out of control.  There is no oversight.  There is no accountability.   Am > saying that every person who works th r really is bad, evil and callous. Hell no.  But in general, the individuals within can lie, threaten and harass foster and adoptive parents.  They can get a bug up their a@@ about a biological parent and harass them (MD free range parents).  But it’s not consistent – so-called “free range” in MD, whereas no one was charged or condemned in Washington state when a toddler actually WAS kidnapped when children younger than the ones in MD were playing at a park alone while in care of a babysitter.  Why?  Because there are no rules.  It’s just what that person feels like on that day, and whether or not they feel like it.  The laws are simple – pretty clear, for the most part, on what constitutes abuse – but without oversight, accountability, children’s services can pretty much do whatever they want.

They will turn on their own.  A family adopted a sibling group from foster care, child diagnosed with many things including RAD.  Kids with family for years, getting treatment, the other kids were healing.  RAD was not but he was somewhat contained and monitored.  Family moves to another state.  RAD gets first spanking in family, has school employees completely snowed and is going to get even with family – CPS gets called.  Kids are removed.  Kids are bullied, questioned without an adult present, asked the same questions over and over again because they aren’t giving the answer that lines up with what RAD says.  CPS decides to make “example” of family.  (Spanking is NOT illegal, by the way, and this spanking was witnessed by another adult, and was not a beating.)  Oh, dd I mention the person they’re making an example of was a social worker IN THE SAME OFFICE as the people who were crucifying this family?  Ruining careers?  Ruining the kids’ lives who were healing?  When documentation from previous state was offered as proof of child’s diagnosis, and issues, it was refused because “they do things differently there.”  So, thanks to the kind, wonderful, all – knowing CPS, this predatory child, who has molested, who has killed small animals, who has done things that no child should ever know about much less do now has a clean slate and has been placed in a foster family who have no idea the danger their children and their neighborhood children and the school children have just been placed in.

What about when parents willingly place a dangerous child into state custody because they cannot feasibly protect themselves or other children from this child?  A child who has raped other children, attempted or succeeded at killing a younger child or infant, tortured and mutilated animals?  The family puts this child into state care so the child can get the help that is needed.  Instead, child services places this child into a regular foster home, without any information of the child’s past given to the new family.  And… inevitably, another victim is created.  Who gets blamed?  The parents, the foster parents, but never children’s services, never the individual who knew the facts and willingly and deliberately put other innocents in harms’ way.  I can name case after case where this has happened, and never has children’s services been held accountable.  They threaten adoptive parents, they lie, they change records – but they are never held accountable for their actions.  They put up billboards asking for foster parents and promise support and services… they lie.

I distinctly remember asking a social worker what to do with a child we were desperately seeking help for.  We had figured out the child had RAD.  We had a disabled infant in the home and another child who was targeted.  We wanted to get this child help.  After several attempts at harming the older child (because I wore the baby 24/7, due to the medical issues he had, the baby was kept safe), I was simply told that I needed to “raise my fear threshold.”  Only later did we find out the child had already committed multiple object rapes against other younger children, which is why the child kept moving homes.  We were never informed.

I’m not saying these children are evil, bad, or don’t deserve help.  Just the opposite.  They do need help!  They need very specific kinds of help, a lot of times the kind of help that can only be provided in a proper inhospital stay to start.  They deserve that.  It’s not their fault.  But instead, children’s services moves them from home to home, making the damage worse, creating more victims, with absolutely no regard for the actual children involved.

It’s time to rock the boat.  Not only are the children not getting help, and not getting better, they are being harmed by cps’s actions.  CPS is out of control.  God forbid you should let your child play at the park next door – but they will happily let a known sexual predator into your home without so much as a warning.  And if something should happen to a child while in your care, they’ll take away the other children and leave you with the one that did the deed.

It’s time for this organization to have accountability, to have a set of rules and guidelines that are actually followed, that are published, that are not based on the whim or whether or not the social worker had the ugly barista at Starbucks that day.  There are lots of abused and neglected children out there who need help, and lots of kids who need foster homes.  But what they are doing is making things worse on all ends.

I personally know a lot of social workers.  I know a lot of good, kind hearted people who really care about the children.  But they are the minority, and they are boxed in by the weird policies and prejudices of whoever their boss is, or whoever is overseeing their cases.  There’s no objective here, only subjective.

Rock the boat.  Time to stand up for these kids, and for ourselves.

Rock the boat, baby.  Let’s tip the boat over!  Because something’s gotta give.



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