The importance of self-care

I can’t emphasize this enough.  I wouldn’t have believed it until I experienced it myself.  For me the first time I did “self care” was taking a 5 day vacation (a retreat) and not having any responsibilities outside of my own self.  When I returned home to the chaos and crazy, it didn’t bother me for months.  When I had left, just 5 days before, I was ready to run away for good.  Just 5 days of thinking about only myself.  What did I want for breakfast?  Did I even want to eat breakfast? Get out of bed?  It was a life changing event for me.

Of course we can’t take 5 day vacations all the time, but we can take a few hours to ourselves now and then.  We need to put it on the top of our list of priorities, because it IS important.  We need that time to recharge our own batteries, refill our own tank, even if all we do is sleep for a few hours without worrying about alarms and cameras and where the pets are.  Or it could mean pampering yourself, a  bubble bath, a pedicure, wearing make-up every day, styling your hair – whatever it is, every day, do a little something just for you.  And weekly, do something a little bigger for yourself.  And monthly, something a little bigger.  And so on.  Make sure that every day you are treating yourself to something for just being you.  Because YOU are awesome.  YOU are a rock star.  YOU are Wonder Woman (or Super Man).  YOU are incredible.  YOU deserve it.  That I will say again.  YOU DESERVE IT.

And, you freakin’ need it.

Hang in there.


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