Shake It Off

Sometimes you just have to dance around your kitchen, singing at the top of your lungs, and let it all out.  No, you won’t find videos of me doing that on youtube, unless the neighbors start filming and posting.  But if you peak in my windows, you would see that on a regular basis.  And it’s not because I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, or a huge dance fan, or because I can dance well, or because I always have music playing, or any of the things that come to mind when you hear of someone dancing around their kitchen singing at the top of their lungs, including, I’m not drunk either.  Sometimes the stress, the pressure, gets to be so much in this journey, and you can’t scream “F**** ME!!!!!” in front of a 3 yr old unless you want that child to immediately repeat that in preschool the following day, but somehow you have to get it out – my answer is Shake It Off.  My special needs daughter may only be able to say six words, one of them being a swear word (my bad), but she says “shake shake shake”.  That’s how much I do this.  I dance around the kitchen and “shake” it off.  And I do.  I let the pressure, the worry, the ‘pissed-off-ed-ness’ go.  I let the pee, the attitude, the outright defiance all flutter away from the tips of my fingers.  Haters gonna hate, I’m just gonna shake it off….

We need an outlet, and a safe one, and seriously who cares if the UPS man thinks I’m crazy when he came to the door?  I can guarantee he’s seen worse and crazier in his line of work, this was not even a blip in his day in his line of work.  But the physical activity, getting the heart rate up, enjoying the music, dancing silly (well, Taylor Swift may be able to twerk, but I can’t), singing loudly and maybe just a (tiny) bit off-key, and shaking it like I’m looking for dollars is a release.  It’s less than 4 minutes out of my day, but makes a huge difference.

Our lives are very stressful (no duh).  We are pressure cookers.  We must find an outlet so the pressure doesn’t build up.  A safe outlet, and, in my case, an outlet that’s appropriate around my 3 yr old sometimes (no twerking around her!)  And my RAD kid has no idea when I crank up that song and dance around that I’m doing anything other than dancing around enjoying the song.  All my kids dance to it and sing along.  We have a dance-a-thon.  I am releasing the pressure, the anger, right in front of them and they have no idea.

Thank you Taylor Swift for the song, not so much for the hip pains after attempting to imitate the twerk.

Find your song.  Shake it off.  And move on.


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