Today we mourn the loss of two innocent children, killed in a police chase.

We cry with the people whose churches were burned down.

I look at my kids, and wonder, why bother?  In this world we’re living in, where a subset of cops don’t understand cause and effect any more than our kids do, who have no conscience, in this world where the anarchists seem to be winning, why bother?  Our kids would fit right in.  Why bother trying to teach them right from wrong?  Why bother trying to teach them love, and respect, and empathy, when it seems like a majority of the world doesn’t have it?

I can no longer tell the difference between the lawbreakers and those meant to uphold the law, those sworn to protect and serve the public and criminals, the lawyers and the liars, the bankers and the embezzlers, the babysitters and the pedophiles, the churches and the KKK.

I can only look at the wisdom of the past.  These things are not new.  These evils are not new.  The targets may have changed, the attackers may have changed, but the evil is the same.  And so with this wisdom, I continue to fight to keep our children from becoming a part of that society:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke



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