No mas pantalones

Ever see the commercial, where it’s basically liar liar pants on fire, and the two men’s pants catch on fire because they are lying, and one looks down and says, “No mas pantalones?” (no more pants)  Makes me laugh…. unless it’s my kid doing the lying.

As parents we’ll be judged by those who only see the outside of our family – our charming, seemingly abused and neglected, but perfectly behaved RAD, and our seemingly heartless response to them because, according to them, we “never ever get them anything” but the sibling gets everything.  You can’t win against that, they are incredibly talented liars and manipulators.  Just know that everywhere they go they are talking smack about you behind your back, and openly acknowledge that.  No reason to hide that part of your family’s dirty laundry, because what she’s going to say about you is way worse than that.  In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to be honest about a few of the things the child has said about that person to their face so they know the lies go in both directions, but since you realize your child has issues with telling the truth, you do not take those lies seriously.  Make it into a joke, elaborate it a bit to make it funny, talk about the millions she’ll make in sitcom writing , “You’ve heard of the boy who cried wolf? Well, I have the girl who cried triceratops!”, just use humor as much as you can, and don’t be embarrassed.  After all, it’s not YOUR fault.  YOU didn’t raise her that way, you don’t condone it, but you also can’t control what comes out of a child’s mouth outside of your presence.  Anyone that says you can obviously  has never parented a strong willed child, or has one buried in the back yard.

It’s time we stop behaving as if we believe it’s our fault too.


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